Guess, discuss, argue and brag... a surefire recipe for a great evening! Live
trivia is a dynamic opportunity to foster team spirit and encourage discussion
in a playful, competitive and, yes, actually interesting format. Explore your
love of pop culture and general knowledge. You know you wanna.

How do we play? It's simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy!

We provide...

  • Fascinating, individually-researched questions
  • Handy answer pads and pens
  • A professional-quality PA system
  • Toe-tappin' music

You provide...

  • The venue
  • 20-200 enthusiastic know-it-alls, divided into teams of 1-8 people.

And then the fun starts...

Teams each choose a name that they’ll use throughout the quiz. As the quizmaster, I ask about 20 or so questions, separated by brief musical interludes. Teams write down answers to the questions, and identify the musical artists.         We collect responses, announce the correct answers and assign points after every round of questions.                               At the end, the team with the most points wins!

Questions are a mix of general knowledge, music and pop culture. This is supposed to be fun, not high school, so emphasis is on entertainment...but the questions do get a bit tougher as the quiz goes on. We can also develop custom questions for your organization or program topic, if you’d like.

The rules are simple – use your brain not your technology. We don’t allow internet access or friend-phoning. The entire quiz takes about 2 hours. Laughter is a given. That's IT! Simply call 414-750-4504 or contact us to setup trivia, and we'll show how fun it can be.