Why should I choose Accent Events for my entertainment?

When you’re looking for a DJ, it may seem that there are a bunch of companies who all pretty much offer the same services. What sets Accent Events apart from many of the others is our attention to detail and the personalization that we put into every event. Your special celebration should reflect who you are as individuals from the beginning to the end of the experience.

As your DJ, I “partner” with you to ensure a well-organized and genuinely fun celebration, whether it is a wedding, birthday or even corporate occasion. On the night, I coordinate the logistics, so that all you have to do is show up, relax and enjoy your day.

 How much experience do you have?

I’ve been a professional DJ for over 20 years and in that time have performed at over 1000 weddings. That experience, coupled with a passion for good music and a love of helping others have a great time, means that every event is unique and important.

 Can we come and see you perform anywhere?

As I’m sure you can appreciate, I respect the privacy of the couples at whose weddings I am trusted to perform. Therefore, I try to direct couples to check out my many online reviews (see sidebar) to build a picture from the comments from previous clients. I am also happy to have prospective clients contact my previous couples to answer any questions they might have. To be chosen to entertain at someone’s wedding is an incredible honor, and I’m happy to make your decision making process easier in any way I can.

 Why don’t you offer different packages for me to choose from?

Simply put, I only have one package – I promise to give you the best night I can. There are no A, B or C selections because, as I’ve mentioned, I tailor the event to your specific needs -- from the lighting, sound and musical choices to dressing appropriately for the occasion. To have a Gold or Platinum package (or other, less fancy-named options) implies that at some point you might not be receiving the best that I can do. That, to me, seems to be more about price than it is about service.

 Will you personally DJ our event, or do you subcontract?

As the owner and DJ/MC of Accent Events, you can relax knowing that I am your contact at every point of the planning process. You absolutely won’t have an unknown entertainer on your big day who’s never met or spoken with you. You'll have a friend - me.

 As a single operator, what happens if you get sick on the date of our event?

In over 20 years of DJing at weddings I can honestly say that I have NEVER missed an event. I have performed with the help of cold medication and even showed up after ripping my calf muscle playing rugby! True, I had help setting up that time, but the show must go on, right? In the highly unlikely event of a medical emergency rendering me unable to perform, Accent Events has partnerships with many other quality wedding professionals to ensure you have the celebration you always dreamed of.

 Can we choose our own music?

This is your day. You can provide as much, or as little, of the musical content as you’d like. There are obviously certain special songs that have an importance in your life, so they are a must for your event. But don’t feel that you have to spend hours looking through music libraries to pick out tracks – we have over 20 years experience in playing just the right songs at the right time.

 Can we see a list of the music you have?

I carry a scary amount of music to each event, from the hits of the 1920s to this week’s charts. Every genre, every major artist and plenty of deep cuts that ensure we don’t just play the same 60 tracks at every party. To scroll through the list would be overwhelming, so all you have to do to is request a particular track. In the extremely unlikely event that I don’t have it, I’ll make sure I buy it specially for your wedding or party. There’s no reason you should  have to go burning CDs and supplying any of your own music. That’s my responsibility, and of course it’s included in my price.

 Are lights included in the package?

Absolutely. Lights enhance the mood, encourage people to dance and make for a more memorable night. Unless you specifically request it, I’d never dream of not providing lighting for your dance floor, or of charging extra for a basic set up. Accent Events predominantly uses LED, stage-quality lighting. This is huge because LEDs have an extremely long bulb-life (so no failing lights at the last minute) and also use a tiny fraction of the power of conventional lights, so there’s less chance of tripping a venue’s fuse circuits.

What happens if your equipment malfunctions?

I carry backup sound and lighting equipment, extra microphones and even an exact copy of the hard drives that my music is contained on. I also still carry some CDs, which means I have backups to the backups, if you like!

 I’d like something different for my wedding, what do you suggest[D1] ?

No two weddings are alike. I don’t believe in “cookie cutter” packages, so if you want to throw the rule book out the window and have a wedding unlike any other, I’m happy to help and advise. Remember, this is YOUR night. You don’t have to do anything just because it’s traditional. Let the reception reflect who you are as a couple – in all your wonderful ways!

 In which areas do you perform?

I’ve DJed in different countries as a request from previous clients, so distance is no object. Obviously it factors into the pricing of the night, but it’s incredibly flattering to be told “we want YOU to do our wedding”, so that is the most important factor. As a rough guide, anywhere outside of about 1.5 hours from Milwaukee and I know I'd need to stay overnight and adjust the price accordingly.

 How long in advance should I book my entertainment?

I’m a believer that the venue, entertainment and photographer are the three elements of an event that cannot be booked too early. There's only one of me, and there's one of your wedding date! With Accent Events, you can guarantee your date quite simply with a $500 retainer and then budget to pay the balance near the actual date of the celebration.

 Do you charge by the hour?

I don’t charge by the hour, I charge by the event. That way I block off your day to focus entirely on making your day unique, not on watching the clock. Besides, with all the hours of planning, site visits, moving equipment, client consultation and performance that we provide to make your event sparkle, if we charged by the hour I'm sure we'd raise some eyebrows with the final number!

 How much do you charge?

A number of factors matter, such as whether your event is during peak season, distance to travel, is extra equipment required, etc. My rates can be from $200 for an evening of pub trivia, up to an investment of over $1500 for us to realize a couples' vision. I tailor my rates to give you the best value to match your needs. To do that, all I ask is that we get the chance to get together, over a coffee or a cold one, to discuss what you want to make your big day stellar. I strongly recommend taking this time, as a couple, to ensure you and your DJ are compatible and on the same page. A decision this important should never just be about price

 So you don’t have add-ons?

The only additional costs you would incur would be if you want decor lighting to decorate the room itself, live musicians, such as a harpist, jazz guitarist or string quartet for your dinner or cocktail hour music. I can also provide a traditional, kilted Scottish Piper for those who’d like to honor their Celtic heritage and have bagpipes as a part of their ceremony or reception.

 Does dinner or cocktail music cost anything extra?

I provide dinner and cocktail music as an all-inclusive part of my service. As previously stated, setting the mood early is a vital part of the event, and also ensures a more professional and sophisticated ambiance. With your approval, this gives me time to connect with your guests, ask about requests and start to plan how the night will unfold. Only if I provide alternative options, such as the previously mentioned live musicians will there be any additional costs, agreed upon prior to your big day.

 What time do you set up for our event?

Depending on when your guests start to arrive, I aim to be fully set up, with background music playing, dressed appropriately, as they walk through the door. To do that, I plan on between 2 & 3 hours set up time. I feel it's more professional than carrying heavy equipment through the party and setting up while your guests are mingling. This is another reason why I don’t charge by the hour.

 I'm interested, what happens next?

Please contact me, to set up a FREE no-obligation visit. Generally this consists of an hour or so over coffee, or at your venue, to discuss what your vision is for your big day. We can all ask questions to see whether we’ll be a good fit for each other. This meeting serves as the first steps in a journey that ends with me knowing you well enough to provide exactly the memorable evening you always imagined…


A wedding DJ should never be the star of the show. That honor belongs to the happy couple. A good DJ puts his personality on the evening. A GREAT DJ puts the wedding party’s personality on the evening. My job is to make that happen.